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Dorothy Ellen Vallens is a nightclub singer at the Slow Club, whose son and husband have been kidnapped by Frank Booth, in exchange for sexual favors from her.


Sometime following the kidnapping of her husband and son, an alleged pest control worker came to her apartment to spray. A knock was at her door from Tom Gordon just before the pest worker finished spraying her kitchen.

Dorothy performed "Blue Velvet" and "Blue Star" that night at the Slow Club. Upon returning home, her phone rang and she requested for Frank Booth to let her speak to her husband, who she asked of the well-being of their son, Donny. After the phone call, she discovered the pest control worker in her closet and threatened him with a knife, believing him to be a voyeur. Discovering his identity to be Jeffrey Beaumont, she had him undress at knifepoint and began to perform oral sex. She took him to the couch, but there was a knock on the door and she had him hide in the closet again.

She then let Frank inside, and he sexually assaulted her before leaving. Jeffrey left the closet and tried to comfort her, but, in a daze, she believed him to be her husband. She requested him to hit her, but she refused.

Jeffrey returned to the apartment the next night and slept with her, and she performed "Blue Velvet" again at the Slow Club, with Frank in the audience.

Beaumont soon returned to Dorothy's apartment for another sexual encounter, this time hitting her. As Jeffrey left, they encountered Frank, who then took them for a joyride, stopping at This Is It, where Ben held Donny. After the men drank, she was allowed to see her son. The group soon left to continue the joyride.

During this ride, Frank began to assault her again, but Jeffrey stopped him. Frank dragged Jeffrey out of the car and began to beat him with his gang, despite her protests.

The following Friday night, a battered, dazed, and nude Dorothy came to Jeffrey and she was taken to the Williams home for an ambulance to be called. She told Jeffrey that Don's head had been hurt and he needed help. She was put into an ambulance.

Soon after Jeffrey killed Frank, although her husband had been killed, Dorothy was happily reunited with her son.