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Detective John D. Williams is a police detective in Lumberton, North Carolina and investigates the case behind the severed ear brought to him by Jeffrey Beaumont.


Following the near-fatal stroke of Tom Beaumont, Beaumont's son Jeffrey returned home from college and soon brought to Detective Williams a severed ear. Williams took it to the coroner, who supposed that the person the ear belonged to could still be alive and that it was removed with scissors.

Jeffrey later came to Williams' home, wishing to know more about the case. However, the Detective informed him that he was unable to do so.

Days later, a battered Jeffrey came to his home to show him photos from an investigation into a criminal named Frank Booth, who seemed to be working with Williams' partner, Det. Tom Gordon. Beaumont stated his belief that Booth had kidnapped the family of singer Dorothy Vallens.

The following Friday, Jeffrey came to pick up his daughter, Sandy for a date, just before Lt. Gordon arrived. Williams told Jeffrey to keep calm and sent the young couple on their way.

During an assault on Frank apartment, Jeffrey contacted Williams, telling him that Booth was at Dorothy's apartment complex and was after him. Williams arrived with his daughter just after Jeffrey shot Frank in the head, killing him.

Williams later spoke with Mr. Beaumont, who had made a substantial recovery since his stroke.